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A Rose is a Rose...

Master Shakespeare wrote that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” He put those words into Juliet’s lovely mouth and, as usually happens, he caught a great truth–not just about roses–in the statement.

Whether they’re grandifloras or hybrid tea roses, Tropicana or Queen Elizabeth, roses are among my favorite flowers. We didn’t have them when I was growing up because of the allergies (they called it “hay fever”) experienced by both my parents. When I had a home of my own, I promised myself roses.

Now I’m blessed to have an entire rose garden right in my front yard. I put them in front so everyone around me can enjoy them, too. Occasionally, neighbors stop to tell me they walk past the our home on purpose, just to see and smell the roses.

The first bloom of the year is always the most magnificent. Each spring, I await it impatiently. A few roses began the process last week. This week, here at Casa Aylworth in beautiful Nor-Cal, it happened. All at once, everything burst into blossom. I’m thrilled with this year’s rose harvest, so I’m sharing it with you.

Please, enjoy! See if you can even smell them through the airwaves, or at least, in your imagination. And if you’re in one of the northern climes that is still under snow, please feel free to enjoy these flowers until you have some of your own. Happy spring!

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