Celebrate Christmas In

Bedford Falls

A town that loves Christmas so much

they earned the nickname Christmas Town!

Where the spirit of the Holidays

touches every love story

A Joyful Eve in Christmas Town

A new job brings Claire Reiser to Bedford Falls, California, a Sierra resort village widely known as Christmas Town because it celebrates the Holiday Season year-round. Claire arrives just days before Christmas, reconciled to spending the holiday alone.


Ben Scarge is also new in town, whisked in to manage the estate of his late Uncle Simon, a curmudgeonly miser who puts Scrooge to shame. Like Claire, he knows no one and anticipates a lonely holiday. Then a furry visitor delivers a gift neither Claire nor Ben will ever forget.

Book 1

St. Nick Comes to Christmas Town

Kiley Ross postponed her dreams of a university degree for many years, but she’s ready to tackle it now, including the news writing lab class taught by grad student Nick Santino. Nick’s class challenges Kiley in every way. Trouble is, Kiley can’t seem to stop thinking about her movie star look-alike teacher outside the classroom. 


Nick Santino knows better than to become involved with a student, especially in his first class as a teaching assistant, but he can’t help his attraction to Kiley; she captured his attention on Day One.


Kiley and Nick are coping with the rules and getting through the term. When circumstances throw them for a loop how will they deal with the fall-out?

Book 2

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Kisses and Kittens in Christsmas Town

Amanda Velasquez is weary of attending her girlfriends’ weddings when she can’t even get a date. Is it her fault she’s tall and built more like her linebacker dad than her runway model mom?


Marco Fuentes admires the striking woman whose quest for good health brings her to the gym where he lifts weights. A mutual attraction draws them together, but their pride and prejudices keep tripping them up. Can a basketful of abandoned kittens help them choose snuggling over sparring?

Book 3

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