Rainbow Rock

Where every love story is as beautiful

and colorful as a rainbow.


Over the Rainbow


Joan McAllister is overcome with sorrow after her father’s sudden death and overwhelmed with her decision to help her mother take care of her three younger brothers and run the family farm. When she meets Bob Riley at her father’s funeral, she can’t help but think that big Jim McAllister would approve. Smart and attractive, Bob knows what he wants out of life, but does Joan? As her feelings for Bob grow, so does her inner turmoil for yearning to follow her own dreams or giving everything up for her family.


Ride the Rainbow Home

Book 1

Meg has a thriving career in corporate training and a home is the San Francisco metro. Jim has a hard-earned reputation as a dealer in Native American crafts; his home is the high desert. Their adolescent friendship from a decade ago has blossomed into romance, but how can they have each other without sacrificing their own dreams?  


At the Rainbow's End

Book 2

Raised in a large family with a small budget, Alexa seeks her shot at wealth and fame. Raised in a tight, loving family, Kurt wants more of the same for his own future home life. Thrown together in tiny Rainbow Rock, Arizona, the two must decide whether they can merge their visions of the proverbial "pot of gold." What awaits them At the Rainbow's End?  


Don't Promise Me Rainbows

Book 3

When faced with a birthing crisis in his prized breeding stock, pig farmer Chris McAllister calls the local vet for help. He expects the wiry middle-aged man his family has long trusted, not a petite, but tough young redhead. Sarah McGill hides deeply painful secrets. The last thing she needs is some cute cowboy, looking for answers and stirring emotions.


When a project for the Navajo Nation throws them together, Chris and Sarah must decide whether they can risk their hearts to promises that come without guarantees.


A Little Night Rainbow

Book 4

Max Carmody was married once. It wasn’t pretty. Now he finds himself stuck for the summer with a thirteen-year-old daughter he barely knows. The odds of his ever marrying again are about as likely as finding a rainbow in the night sky.


Cretia Sherwood was married too, and it definitely wasn’t pretty. She is finally healing and regaining some independence after years of struggling to raise her two kids alone. She plans never to remarry. When love brings Cretia and Max a rainbow, they must choose between the safe routines of the present and a leap of faith into an unknown future.


A Rainbow in Paradise

Book 5

Eden Grant vowed never to go back home. A painful childhood growing up in Rainbow Rock made Eden swear off marriage and a family of her own. With a successful childcare business in Phoenix, Eden can lavish all the love she has on the children of others. But when her best friend, Sarah McGill, asks her to be her maid of honor, Eden makes the trip home to Rainbow Rock for Sarah’s wedding. What Eden doesn’t count on is her immediate attraction to the best man.


Logan Redhorse might be the best man at his friend Chris’s fairy-ale wedding, but holding Eden in his arms feels like his very own paradise. How can Logan reconcile his immediate attraction to Eden with the promise he made? An attorney for the Navajo Nation, Logan vowed to his ancestors and descendants that he will marry a desert child, a daughter of Dinehtah.


How can Eden and Logan reconcile their differences to embrace a future that could bring them both a love beyond paradise?


The Trouble with Rainbows

Book 6

Joe Vanetti was deeply in love with his late wife, Roberta. Even thinking of another woman feels disloyal. Although his romantic life ended with Roberta's death, he still has their children to raise. He’s returned to Rainbow Rock so they can grow up close to his family. The last thing he’s thinking about is dating, but when Joe runs into Angelica DeForest, the former “Ice Queen” from high school, he can’t help but wonder at the change in her.


Despite a successful career as a violist, Angelica DeForest lives a lonely life. Painfully awkward and socially inept, she’s spent her adult years caring for aging, bitter relatives. She promises herself she will try to be bolder, to reach out to others and maybe even (gasp!) socialize. She certainly doesn’t intend to begin with Joe Vanetti, the high school Golden Boy who was always so perfect, so far above her, no matter that he’s even more handsome now than back in high school.


A promising future beckons, if they have the courage to banish the ghosts of their past.