Experience The

Seasons of Destiny

Where the love stories

are as unique

and captivating

as the seasons.


Paris in the Springtime

Emotionally gut-punched after false accusations lead to the loss of her job, Paris Cutler returns to her grandmother’s home in Destiny, California to take a breath and figure out what comes next.


Sunny's Summer

Six months after the deadliest fire in California history, Sunny Ray drives into rubble and ash, all that remains of once-lovely Paradise. She is there to document the history of the Camp Fire for her graduate thesis, one survivor story at a time..


Amber in Autumn

Amber Reyes gave up her only serious love relationship to take her dream job as principal of the elementary school in Destiny, California, her beloved hometown... 


Winter Skye

Birth in a drug cult has set Skye up for a lifetime of destructive behavior. Now in recovery, she works hard for the life she wants...