Books by Susan Aylworth

Seasons of Destiny Series


Paris in the Springtime (Book 1)

After false accusations lead to the loss of her job, Paris Cutler returns to the small mountain town of Destiny, CA to crash and regroup at her grandmother's. When she runs into her former high school crush, Greg Frantz, Paris begins to feel like a smitten kitten. Greg can't get Paris out of his mind. How can he convince her to make Destiny hers?

The Rainbow Rock Romance Series

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Each story may be read separately.

The Rainbow Rock Romance Series


Over the Rainbow (Prequel)

Joan McAllister is overcome with sorrow after her father’s sudden death and overwhelmed with her decision to help her mother take care of her three younger brothers and run the family farm. When she meets Bob Riley at her father’s funeral, she can’t help but think that big Jim McAllister would approve. Smart and attractive, Bob knows what he wants out of life, but does Joan? As her feelings for Bob grow, so does her inner turmoil for yearning to follow her own dreams or giving everything up for her family.

Scroll through and explore!

Each story may be read separately.



A Rainbow in Paradise: Book 5

Eden Grant vowed never to go back home. A painful childhood growing up in Rainbow Rock made Eden swear off marriage and a family of her own. With a successful childcare business in Phoenix, Eden can lavish all the love she has to give on the children she takes care of. But when her best friend Sarah McGill asks her to be her maid of honor, Eden makes the trip home to Rainbow Rock for Sarah’s wedding to Chris McAlister. What Eden doesn’t count on is her immediate attraction to the best man, Logan Redhorse.


Logan might be the best man at his friend Chris’s fairy tale wedding but holding Eden in his arms feels like his very own paradise. How can Logan reconcile his immediate attraction to Eden and the promise he made to his community? An attorney for the Navajo Nation, Logan made a vow to his ancestors and his descendants—that he will marry a desert child, a daughter of the Dineh.


How can Eden and Logan reconcile their differences to embrace a future that could bring them both a love beyond paradise?


The Trouble with Rainbows: Book 6


Joe Vanetti was deeply in love with his late wife, Roberta, and even thinking of another woman feels disloyal. Although his romantic life ended with Roberta's death, he still has their children to raise, so he has returned to Rainbow Rock so they can grow up close to his family. The last thing he’s thinking about is dating, but when Joe runs into Angelica DeForest, the former “Ice Queen” from high school, he can’t help but wonder at the change in her.


Despite a successful career as a violist, Angelica DeForest has lived a lonely life. Painfully shy and socially inept, she’s spent her adult years caring for aging, bitter relatives. She promises herself she will try to be bolder, to reach out to others and maybe even (gasp!) socialize. She certainly doesn’t intend to begin with Joe Vanetti, the high school Golden Boy who was always so perfect, so far above her, no matter that he’s even more handsome now than back in high school.


 A promising future beckons, but how can they shake off the ghosts of the past?


Return to Rainbow Rock, Book 7


Eleven years have passed since Marcie Carmody left Rainbow Rock for the big city, starry-eyed and eager to build her future. She found love with a struggling law student—or thought she had. When her boyfriend’s rejection also leads to the end of her job, she limps home, dejected and ashamed, fearing harsh judgment from her family and community. Finding unexpected acceptance, Marcie also lands a new job, in the law offices of Logan Redhorse, working with a new associate. On hyper-alert to make sure she does a great job, she calls the police the moment she sees a man in a hoodie, rifling through Logan's files.


Ryan Fields needs a new start. His wife has left him for a man she met in an online role-playing game, and has taken his sons with her. Ryan is experienced in native law legal work, having practiced with a Sacramento firm, and the position with Redhorse sounds like a perfect fit. He does not expect to be picked up as a burglar on his first visit to the office, thanks to a nosy redhead. No way does he want her as a legal assistant!


But Marcie's apologies and her office skills are real, and Ryan decides to give her a try, firmly ignoring the glimmer of attraction that hovers any time she draws near. Both Marcie and Ryan have wounds to heal and obstacles to overcome. Surely they aren't ready to find new love, but Fate, and Love, may have other plans.


Danny's Girl, Book 8

Running from a man who has threatened her life, Manon DuPre fears even slowing down, let alone stopping, but the Arizona Highway Patrol disapproves of her speed. How can she persuade the handsome trooper that she needs his help, not an arrest?


Raised by a drunken abuser and a terrified mother, young Danny Sherwood grew up to be a protector. Maybe that's why he's such a dedicated patrol officer. When he stops a dangerous speeder on the Interstate, he does not expect a beautiful, terrified woman, who claims to be fleeing a killer.


As the community of Rainbow Rock rallies to help, how can Manon and Danny embrace a joyful future when they still must face their difficult pasts, and a potentially lethal threat?


Roman's Holiday, Book 9

Roman Kincaid has it all: a meteoric rise to fame and fortune as a country-pop performer and now, as an A-list Hollywood celebrity. He also has a demanding agent driving him to take any and every opportunity now, unsure how long the ride may last. Driven, exhausted, and dispirited, Roman takes an unscheduled holiday, disappearing into Arizona's high desert. There, a chance encounter leads him to Lottie Beale's café and pie shop.


Lottie is humming along to one of Roman's new releases when the man himself walks through her door. Keeping her cool, she serves him as she would any customer, but his presence fills her with happy thrills—and terribly unhappy memories. She has her own reasons to hide.


Roman's offer to travel with Lottie as a guide sounds like an awkward come-on when Lottie first hears it, but he swears he'll be the perfect gentleman and she easily reads his need for pleasing, undemanding companionship—a need she understands too well. Their road trip takes them to well-known places like Mesa Verde and the Four Corners monument, and to less famous sites only the locals know.


It also takes them on a journey of self-discovery as each comes to terms with where they've been and where they want to go. Can a famous star and a small-town pie maker find common ground? Anything is possible in Rainbow Rock, romance capital of the great Southwest.


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